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✖ GIE | ♀ | Nov 09

Alone and empty.
Senpai! Sorry to bother you but your red riding is beautiful!!! I miss seeing your beautiful work (・ω・)

Oh, no! You’re not bothering me at all. Thank you THANK YOU for that really sweet message!! I’m really sorry for not posting much. School has been really stressing~ But once these are all over, I’ll try my best to post more personal drawings ()ノ~

(Also, really nice blog you got there!!)

Litlle Red Riding Hood

Litlle Red Riding Hood


You gotta be ready ya’no

Sorry for the late sketch hope ya like ;U;!!

Hi guys! My friend (a01kfn) is making an 8-bit indie game about dreams. (And possibly monsters too)

If you want to know more about it, please check their BLOG. They’re still new so there’s not much in there, but you’ll see more updates in the future.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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Are you still working on this wardrobe meme?:0

YES, Anon.

I did the thing, guys. I DID IT.

I did the thing, guys. I DID IT.